Helotes News Crime Stoppers 2022 03 02 Gun Shack Wanted Poster

Helotes Crime Stoppers Gun Shack Theft February 26th 2022

The male and female facing the camera are suspects in the theft of property from a local Helotes area store. Please read the additional information below. Gun Shack's FB post: "Well, we hate to do this, but we hate THIEVES even more! This past Saturday between...
2022 02 19 - HPD Evidence 001 Edited for Web

Helotes Police Department Investigates Anti-Semitic Material Left on Yards

Reports of anti-Semantic material being left on residents’ property came into the Helotes Police Department within the last week. According to Helotes Police Department, on Sunday, February 13th, 2022 approximately eighty separate residents in Iron Horse Canyon found anti-Semitic literature in their yards. Photos obtained...
Helotes News Crime Stoppers 2021 01 18 Liquor Maxx

Helotes Crime Stoppers Liquor Max Robbery January 18th 2021

https://youtu.be/rI3iVRDm4jA Male subject involved in theft is approximately 5'9 Walked out of Liquor Max at 8:03 PM Location 11840 Bandera Rd, Helotes, TX 78023 Anyone with information please call 210-251-3924

Helotes Crime Stoppers CS Neighborhood Car Hopper July 5 2020

The Helotes PD is requesting information on the person shown in the photos and videos in this article. HPD also requests anyone who has additional video and photo evidence to provide it. Detective Gonzales is handling this case and asks anyone with information or evidence...

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