Helotes Crime Stoppers Gun Shack Theft February 26th 2022

The male and female facing the camera are suspects in the theft of property from a local Helotes area store. Please read the additional information below.

Gun Shack’s FB post:

“Well, we hate to do this, but we hate THIEVES even more! This past Saturday between 11:15 and 11:40, this pair came into our store and stole a Hiperfire AR trigger (valued at $274.99). They were driving a black GMC Yukon SUV.
If you know these people, encourage them to do the right thing and bring it back or pay for it. If they do, we’ll let BCSO know that they’ve squared up with us.”
The owner reported to Helotes News these suspects are apparently from Crystal City, Texas.
Please contact the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office if you’ve seen these two. If you know them, please advise them of the store’s offer to avoid prosecution.

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