Helotes Police Department Investigates Anti-Semitic Material Left on Yards

Reports of anti-Semantic material being left on residents’ property came into the Helotes Police Department within the last week.

According to Helotes Police Department, on Sunday, February 13th, 2022 approximately eighty separate residents in Iron Horse Canyon found anti-Semitic literature in their yards. Photos obtained from HPD show a pamphlet accompanied by food pellets all contained in a plastic bag. The pellets are dog food with one bag containing pinto beans.

HPD continues to process the flyers for fingerprints to identify suspects. The FBI was contacted by HPD with no further information provided to Helotes News.

2022 02 19 - HPD Evidence 002 Edited for WebAdditionally, HPD is exploring Texas State statutes and Helotes Municipal Ordinances to identify if any violations have occurred.

2022 02 19 - HPD Evidence 004 Edited for WebHelotes Police Department asks residents that find this anti-Semitic material to NOT TOUCH the items as it could destroy potential evidence. If you find this material, please leave it alone and contact the HPD non-emergency line at 210-695-3087.

Thank you to HPD for responding to Helotes News’ questions and providing the photos so that we can share this information with our community.

2022 02 19 - HPD Evidence 003 Edited for WebHelotes News edited the photos we received from HPD by cropping out blank space and reducing file size for use on our website. We edited out the URLs and QR code out of principle.

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