Regular Meeting Helotes City Council April 9th, 2020 Recap

This recap is based on the April 9th, 2020 Regular Meeting Helotes City Council. If you find errors please let us know.


2. Proclamation by Mayor Thomas A. Schoolcraft recognizing the Helotes Dispatch Center in observance of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week (NPSTW) occurring April 12 -18, 2020.

  • Located inside the HPD
  • 2008 “we” [city] scraped plans for new police and fire building
  • New design more amenities, for more features and savings of around 2 million dollars
  • Prior to dispatch center going operational, Fire was dispatched by Bexar Co., HPD was dispatched by Leon Valley
  • Council approved center using the savings from design approach savings
  • 3 consoles working
  • October 4th, 2010 at 12pm went active
  • Currently the Center dispatches HP, Fire, EMS, Public works, Code Compliance, Animal Control and Grey Forest PD
  • Dispatchers can use an approved flip chart to help stop bleeding, CPR, Childbirth, and many more

Public Hearing

3. Public Hearing to give all interested persons the right to appear and be heard on an Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Helotes, Texas continuing a curfew for minors under seventeen (17) years of age and over ten ( 10) years of age; providing for a triennial review of the Ordinance; and adopting an effective date.

  • No public comments
  • CM Massey comments to add language to ordinance to upfront stating there are exceptions to the 9am to 2:30pm school day curfew.

Open Session

  • No citizens to be heard

Consent Agenda

5.  Approval of the minutes of the Regular Meeting dated March 12, 2020. (Staff)

6. Approval of the Fiscal Year Ending (FYE) 2020 City of Helotes Revenue and Expense, Balance Sheet, and Encumbrance Reports dated April 2, 2020. (Staff)

  • Motion by CM Buys, second from CM Blue. Motion passes unanimously.

Items for Individual Consideration

7. Discussion of and action on a request by Double DP Investments, Inc., for approval of a wall sign, pursuant to Municipal Code of Ordinances Chapter 98 Zoning, Section 98-72 Old Town Helotes Special District, Subparagraph (g)(6)(b)(2) Commercial Signs – Projecting, Wall, Hanging, or In/On Windows, for the Shops at Old Town Conference Room, located at 14743 Old Bandera Road, #7, more particularly described as BCAD Property ID No. 1154308. (Applicant)

  • Motion Buys, 2nd from CM Holmes. Discussion, no objections. Motion carries unanimously.

8. Discussion of and action on a request by Helotes RLCC Properties LLC, for approval of a wall sign, pursuant to Municipal Code of Ordinances, Chapter 66 Signs, Section 66-51 Commercial Signs: Projecting, Wall, Hanging, or In or on Windows for Young Brothers Fire Protection, located at 14107 Bandera Road, more particularly described as BCAD Property ID No. 242275. (Applicant)

  • Motion Buys, 2nd from CM Blue. Discussion. No objections. Motion carries unanimously.

No executive session, meeting adjourned.

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