Helotes Elections 2020 Post Election Series – Linda Salazar City Council Place 2

This series of articles will cover each successful candidate for Helotes City Council Places 1, 2 and 4. We asked each successful candidate several questions. The responses will be in published with the election results for each candidate respectively.

We are starting with Linda Salazar who successfully challenged incumbent Alex Blue in the November 3rd, 2020 General Election.

Mrs. Salazar won the election with 2,916 votes of 4,695 cast votes for Place 2, or 62.11%. There were 905 undervotes for place 2.

Post-Election Interview

Helotes News: Who (multiple parties are acceptable) would you like to thank for support in your successful election/re-election?

Linda Salazar: First, I would like to thank the voters who have entrusted me with this responsibility.  I am humbled and honored to serve.  Next, I would like to thank all the people who supported me by donating, calling or texting me with words of encouragement, letting me put signs up in their yards, and talking me up to their neighbors. I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know.  I would like to single out the following people for generously giving of their time and talents:  Lisa Kwiecien, Cynthia Ashworth, Curt Clegg, Julian Macias, and Julia Ayasha Zuniga.  I am forever grateful to you.  Finally, I would like to thank my family and close friends whose unwavering love and support carried me through this election as it has through everything else in my life.  You are my everything.

Helotes News: What items/issues/ideas do you want to endorse, pursue and/or lead during your term?

Linda Salazar: My motto is, “Look around.  See what needs doing, and do it.”  Right now, I’m in learning mode:  I’m learning about the duties and responsibilities of my role, getting to know the city employees, and finding out what initiatives are already underway.  Next, I would like to get as much input as possible from the citizens, groups, and businesses in Helotes.    I will use my social media channels as well as talk with folks at Helotes events. Then, once I truly know what needs doing, I will set the goals for the rest of my term.

Helotes News: Was there anything that stands out during your time on the campaign trail you would like to share with our readers and followers?

Linda Salazar: What stood out to me was my first campaign event.  I was invited to speak at the Hindu Temple of San Antonio as part of a yoga event; they were going to do 108 sun salutations in the temple’s courtyard to welcome spring.  When I arrived, I was given a tour of the temple and told a bit about the Hindu beliefs and customs. I was surprised to find many parallels with my own Christian traditions.  Then, we went outside where the weather was perfect and yoga mats were spread out in the courtyard.  I unrolled my mat and tried my best to participate.  I didn’t last long and had warned them that this would be the case.  I sat and watched as the rest of the participants finished all 108 sun salutations.  Then, I gave my speech.  Afterward, they presented me with a gift and invited me inside the temple for their Sunday service and the meal that followed.  Everyone was incredibly hospitable to me.  They would not let me lift a finger.  When I went to roll up my yoga mat, a woman insisted on doing it for me.  When I sat down with my food, someone came and sat next to me so I wouldn’t eat alone.  After I finished eating, she wouldn’t hear of me throwing away my own plate.  I was invited to come anytime to join them again, and I definitely will.  

I was inspired by their kindness.  I want to work to make sure everyone who lives, works, or visits Helotes is welcomed and treated with the same level of hospitality and respect I was given at the Hindu temple.

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