United States Patent and Trademark Office Notice of Allowance for the LINK™ Percutaneous Dynamic Bone Fixator

Helotes, TX – Local medical device manufacturer Metric Medical Devices, Inc. (Metric), announced they received notice of allowance for their patent on the LINK™, a percutaneous dynamic bone fixator. This allowance has a tentative issue date in February of 2024. 

Metric expects other LINK™ pending patent applications both in the United States and International jurisdictions will issue.  Metric also hold 18 patents on its Super Staple™ and Super Scaffold™ bone fixation devices.

Metric Medical Devices, Inc. is a medical device company specializing in continuous dynamic shape changing implants for bone fixation.  Its technology continuously brings bones together to facilitate healing.

Find out more about these devices and “bringing bones together” at the website metricmd.com.


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Editorial Disclosure: The owner of Helotes News LLC owns an undisclosed amount of shares in Metric Medical Devices, Inc.

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