Top 10 Articles That Didn’t Publish For One Reason or Another

Here are the top 10 stories that Helotes News couldn’t get to, had no interest in publishing, forgot about, or were discarded much like a Jelly of the Month Club membership!

#10 – Reports of Car Break-ins, Theft in Helotes Neighborhoods

Social Media Users on Next Door Report the Obvious: Locking Cars and NOT Keeping Guns and Other Valuables in Vehicles Deter Thieves

#9 – City of Helotes Reports Phone Lines are Now Up and Running in 2023 Until They Aren’t Up and Running

Citizens Question If City Phone Plan is a Timeshare After Dozens of Outages in 2022.

#8 – Local Residents Seeking More Date Night Options Urge Developers to Bring More Fast-Food Chicken Restaurants to Helotes

#7 – Three Vendors in Less Than Two Years – Waste Management Companies in Cutthroat Competition for Honor of Providing Premium Trash Service to Helotes

Citizens Scratch Their Heads: “When Is My Bulk and Brush Pick Up? So, do I have to Call to Schedule a Pick-Up? Why Does My New Trash Can Look Like a Recycling Bin? Do I Have Two Recycling Bins? And Most Commonly Asked: Did Frontier Pay a Franchise Fee to the Green Bay Packers?

#6 – TXDOT Road Construction on Bandera: Residents Eager for New Design Allowing Them to Make Even More U-Turns

#5 – Helotes Mayor Spends More Hours Asking TXDOT to Work on Bandera Road Than the Actual Number of Hours TXDOT Works on Bandera Road

#4 – Helotes ChickenGate Round Two: Residents Fight Inflation with Budget-Friendly Eggs

City Ordinance Now Allows 4H Kids to Sell Eggs at Reduced Price.

#3 – TXDoT Collaborates With SAWS to Create Helotes’ Lake Featuring Pedestrian, Bicycle, Car, Truck, School Bus, Wildlife and 18 Wheeler Access! 

The Result: Helotians Enjoy More Traffic Delays on Bandera Road

#2 – Florida Developer Proposes Innovative Method to Increase Waterflow in Helotes Creek

Helotes News previously published articles covering an on-site wastewater treatment plant for Guajolote Ranch, a proposed development in Northwest Bexar County. If the permit moves forward, it would allow the facility, located 1.75 miles Southwest of the intersection of Scenic Loop and Babcock Road, to discharge 1 million gallons of effluent into Helotes Creek daily.

#1 – You Shall Not Pass: No Thru Traffic Brings Exciting D.C. Area Commute Experience to NW Bexar County Residents Outside Helotes City Limits

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