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Helotes News:  How long have you been a resident of Helotes?

Rich Whitehead:  I moved to Helotes over 16 years ago in July of 2004.

Helotes News:  What do you enjoy about Helotes?

Rich Whitehead:  I love the small town feel and being able to recognize people in every store I walk into.  I grew up in a really small farm town where everybody knew everybody, and it gave you a sense of security knowing that everyone was watching out for everyone.  Helotes is a much larger town than where I grew up, but it’s the same safe and comfortable feeling.

Helotes News:  Are you currently employed? If yes, with whom?

Rich Whitehead:  I have been employed by the San Antonio Fire Department for 16 years.  I currently have the rank of Captain and work at one of the busiest fire stations of San Antonio.

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Helotes News:  How would you collaborate with the Helotes Economic Development Corporation (HEDC) to foster managed commercial growth in Helotes?

Rich Whitehead:  The position of Mayor should serve to facilitate the support and development of the community.  As such, any direct investment in the community must be done by the HEDC, but should be done so by the direction of the leadership of the HEDC and appropriate voting of support by city council.  The Mayor’s involvement should be limited to passing on ideas, needs, and concerns, and then the Mayor should support the decisions of the HEDC.  Collaboration by the Mayor should be limited to sharing of ideas, and not be viewed as ’controlling’ the HEDC.

Helotes News:  In terms of oversight, how involved do you plan to be with the activities and action items brought before you on Council from the HEDC, Planning and Zoning, Board of Adjustments?

Rich Whitehead:  One of the reasons I am running for Mayor is a fundamental difference in opinion on how the city should be run.   Currently, the Mayor has extended his control of boards, committees, and the HEDC to a point that if you disagree with the Mayor then you will be removed.  I want to foster differing opinions, civilized debate, and intelligent discussion.   As such, as Mayor I will facilitate the inclusion of agenda items as submitted by HEDC, P and Z, Board of Adjustments and other boards in a timely fashion, regardless of my personal position on the topics.   Good government can only happen with the transparent discussion of business.

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