Regular Meeting Helotes City Council June 25th, 2020 Recap

This recap is based on the June 25th, 2020 Regular Meeting Helotes City Council. If you find errors, please let us know.

Public Hearing

2. Citizens to be Heard.

  • No one signed up to speak

Consent Agenda

3. Approval of the minutes of the Regular Meeting dated May 28, 2020. (Staff)

4. Approval of a Stormwater Management Plan, pursuant to Municipal Code of Ordinances Chapter 34 Environment, Article IV Stormwater Detention and Drainage, and an associated fee-in-lieu of detention in the amount of $16,213.18 for Iron Horse Townhomes being a 5.09 acre tract of land out of the Charles Stolz Survey No. 431 ½, Abstract No. 734 of the Official Public Records of Bexar County, Texas, more particularly described as BCAD Prop. ID Nos. 240904 & 240908. (Applicant)

  • CM Buys asks Mayor question about Item #4, When is the project going to start?
  • Mayor Schoolcraft replies it will be up to the County [Inaudible]
  • CM Buys motions to approve items 3 & 4. CM Holmes seconds. Motion passes unanimously.  

Items for Individual Consideration

5. Discussion of and action on the proposed Bexar Appraisal District 2021 Annual Budget. (Staff)

  • CM Buys motions, CM Blue seconds.
  • Mayor Schoolcraft comments before council discussion. The resolution is included in the packet in the even council votes against. If council approves, then resolution unnecessary.
  • CM Blue comments highlight how the resolution in the packet is written for a disapproval vote, and also notes how council historical disapproval votes are negative when we [council] feels it’s not appropriate for the budget.
  • Mayor explains the resolution is included in the packet in the event council votes against as we [Mayor and staff] have no idea how councilmembers will vote.
  • CM Buys amends motion to approve the Bexar County Appraisal District 2021 Budget. CM Blue seconds. Mayor calls for further comments. None. Calls question, motion approved unanimously.

6.  Discussion of and action on a Resolution of the City Council of the City of Helotes, Texas approving an Interlocal Grant Agreement for the distribution of federal coronavirus relief funds between the City of Helotes and Bexar County, Texas. (Staff)

  • CM Massey motions, CM Holmes seconds.
  • CM Massey comments concerning letter from Judge Wolff. Discussion between CM Massey and Mayor Schoolcraft. Mayor sums up discussion between Judge Wolff and himself, Bexar County wants the funds back as soon as they can so they can spend it all by the end of the year. So, whatever the suburban cities don’t spend, the county will get back to spend on their own projects.
  • CM Massey asks to confirm that we [city] can’t ask for funds up to December 31st.
  • Mayor speaks and states only end of October. Elaborates on a phone call with Judge Wolff in that seems as if funds may have a leeway to be requested after September, but funds in November and December go back to the county.
  • CM Holmes comments on the nonresponse from the county.
  • CM Buys comments that again we have to play the game and hopes this is the last time.
  • Mayor calls the question. Aye votes CMs Holmes, Blue, Buys, Friedrichs. CM Massey unsure if she say aye. CM Massey asks question about the vote if was to pass or ask questions. Mayor replies with the question he called and that it was passed.

7.  Discussion of and action on a Declaration of the City of Helotes, Texas extending the declaration order of local disaster and public health emergency for the City of Helotes as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. (Staff)

  • CM Massey begins with asking question. States he understands we need to have emergency funding. CM Massey asks what the emergency management authorities have been doing.
  • City Administrator discusses the multiple video meetings daily and weekend they have had.
  • Mayor discusses the meetings he’s attended and highlights how Fire Chief/EMC Scott Moreland is handling the brunt of the meetings.
  • Mayor highlights that Helotes has not enacted anything more restrictive than County Judge or Texas Governor. States we have only cancelled city events that were required to be cancelled by executive orders.
  • CM Massey states she’s concerned about Cornyval.
  • Mayor states he discussed with Bert and county would still have to approve.
  • CM Massey isn’t happy with how the order correlates with how it extends to October.
  • CM Buys states Cornyval decision coming towards July.
  • Mayor calls question. Motion carries unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 7:21pm.

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