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Political Ad Banner Website 728×90 Pixels (PX)


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Ad Unit Description

Political Ad Banner Website 728×90 Pixels (px). This unit serves a static banner ad with a resolution of 728x90px on helotesnews.com in various locations depending on your selected options. The ad creative must have a resolution of 728x90px in .jpeg file format.

Please note that some placements are behind paywalls and only visible to our hyperlocal news supports who have a paid subscription.

The Sales Pitch

Helotes News advertising solutions provide your election or political interest campaign with access to our hyperlocal, high engagement and local news supporting audience.

The Value

What is the value of advertising with Helotes News compared to social media platforms, newspapers or other online publishers?

Helotes News ad value is derived from price point + audience composition.

  • Ad units pricing is updated quarterly to ensure our competitiveness based on industry level and competitor data
  • Ads are served to a hyperlocal audience with proven engagement rates higher than industry national averages
  • Ads served on helotesnews.com avoid the vast majority of ad blocking applications commonly used by website visitors


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