Press Release: REP. Mark Dorazio Calls on TCEQ to Deny Permit for Wastewater Facility



Proposed facility will have negative impact on constituents of HD 122

San Antonio, TX – Today, Rep. Mark Dorazio released the following statement:
“I am calling on the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to deny Permit #WQ0016171001, which would allow Lennar Homes to construct and manage a wastewater facility in my district, House District 122, as a part of the development known as Guajolote Ranch.

My office has spent several weeks researching this permit and has not found satisfactory evidence that I need to feel confident in this proposed facility and its potential impact on my constituents. On the contrary, I have discovered many reasons to view this new facility with a high degree of skepticism.

We have been in regular contact with the city leadership of Grey Forrest, Helotes, and San Antonio. We have spoken with numerous constituents, from retirees to working professionals. We have worked with TCEQ and have spoken with representatives of Lennar Homes. It has been our objective to understand fully how this proposed wastewater facility would impact the people of HD 122.

The initial paperwork filed with the TCEQ had important errors, including the failure to note that Helotes Creek is used for recreation by the residents of Grey Forest. The permit also failed to note the presence of dams in the creek.
Additionally, a doctor from Helotes brought up the fact that pharmaceuticals and their biproducts in human waste cannot be filtered out of the effluent that will be pumped into the creek.

There have also been worries that the proposed water treatment facility will increase the risk of flooding in the local community.

The Metropolitan Health District has called on TCEQ to deny this permit. Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) has weighed in, laying out the risks posed not just to Helotes Creek, but to the entirety of Edwards Aquifer with the effluent from this facility being released into it’s Recharge Zone. Based on SwRI’s findings, it seems that this project would put this critical aquifer at risk. We cannot take this lightly, and it would be a shame to damage such a precious natural resource.

Given the overwhelmingly negative response from my constituents and the numerous concerns brought forward by experts in water quality and health, I must call on TCEQ to deny this permit at the present time.”

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