City Council Agenda Items for March 26th, 2020

Tomorrow, City Council will discuss and act on several important items. The first two items of importance, agenda items 3 and 5, are decisions that could lead to 22 new homes constructed next to Cedar Springs. The land is a long undeveloped parcel tucked away off Bandera Rd. between Cedar Springs subdivision, Helotes Point Retail Center, KFC and the Washtub.

To-date, Versaterra Development followed through with the City’s request to apply for a change in zoning from Overlay District (B-3 OD) to Single-Family Residential District (R-1). The request from the City would ensure the residents of the planned Bandera Oaks subdivisions couldn’t run commercial businesses out of their homes.  After our review of the City Council Regular Meeting agenda packet, we have high confidence the zoning change will pass.

If the zoning passes, we should expect an ordinance approving a Development Agreement paving the way for 22 new homes with easy access the businesses located right outside their gate. Unless there are showstoppers in the agreement included in the agenda packet, expect it to pass and look forward to around 22 new families to call Helotes home.

Item number 6 will be interesting to listen to and then watch once the meeting video is uploaded to YouTube. Versaterra Development is offering the City a donation of land, about 1.9 acres. The land is the remainder of lot 901 that won’t be developed into the Bander Oaks Subdivision. The idea is to turn the area into a public park. However, that gift would come with some financial impacts as Mrs. Mendoza the City Administrator submitted in her City Council Agenda Item Request Form.

Item number 7 addresses questions we’ve received, the City has certainly received by us before the Virtual Town Hall, and discussions we observed in social media. City Council will discuss and act on either to postpone the May election to November or keep charging on. Public safety during a pandemic notwithstanding, the agenda provides us all some insight into how logistically and legally complex hosting an election in Helotes can be. Since attachment A contains a draft of the ordinance to postpones the election, we are very confident that item will be approved.

Lastly, Item number 8 if approved would extend the Declaration of Local Disaster and Public Health Emergency for 60 days. In the Virtual Town Hall on March 22nd the Mayor stated this declaration allows the City to apply for financial assistance from FEMA if that becomes necessary. It’s very likely to be approved.

Helotes News Editor
Helotes News Editor
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