2023 Inflation Impact Survey

AboutThe Survey

This survey will help Helotes News determine to what extent inflation has or has not impacted our local businesses. This survey is limited to small businesses within the Helotes City Limits. Please provide input based on your Fiscal Year 2023 company data. Responses are confidential. This is not a scientific survey. Please email [email protected] if you have any questions about participating in or about the survey.

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Helotes News is working on a series of articles on the current business climate in the area. May our contract journalist working on this series contact you for an interview?

Significant & Marginal Guidelines. Please answer questions using the following guidelines to keep the survey simple. In general, the survey considers “significant” as +/- >5%, “marginal” as +/- 1% to 4% and “no changes” as +/- <1%.

Have you noticed any changes in the cost of raw materials or supplies in the past year?
Have you had to increase the prices of your products or services in response to inflation?
How has the increase in prices affected your sales volume?
Have you had to make any adjustments to your budget or financial plans because of inflation?
Have you had to reduce your workforce or cut back on employee benefits due to increased costs?
Have changed to alternative suppliers or sourcing strategies to mitigate the impact of inflation?
Have you implemented cost-saving measures to offset the effects of inflation?
Have you used business loans or other credit products in direct relation with any impact of inflation your company incurred?
Have you noticed any changes in consumer behavior or demand for your products/services due to inflation?
Have you had to revise your pricing strategy or introduce new pricing models to adapt to inflation?
Have you sought advice or guidance from financial experts or business consultants due to impacts of inflation?
How confident are you in your ability to navigate the challenges posed by inflation?
Do you believe that government policies or interventions are necessary to address inflation's impact on small businesses?
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