Mar 14 2019 Item 12 Blue Aye

March 14th, 201912Discussion of and action on an Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Helotes, Texas amending Municipal Code of Ordinances Chapter 58 Offenses and Miscella­ neous Provisions, Article II Alarms and Alarm Systems, Division 1 False Alarms by amending Sections 58-12 Violations, 58-13 Responsibilities of Occupant, 58-14 Penal­ ty, and 58-15 Documentation and Notification; authorizing the City Administrator to implement the provisions of this Ordinance; providing for severability; repealing any other Code provisions, ordinances, or parts of ordinances, and other provisions in conflict herewith; incorporating recitals; and adopting an effective date. (Staff)Motion to approveAye 

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Helotes News Editor
Helotes News Editor
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