Mar 11th 2021 Item 13 Friedrichs Aye

March 11th, 2021 13 Discussion of and action on a request by David and Michelle Curb for approval of two variances to Municipal Code of Ordinances Chapter 42 Floods, authorizing the insurance of a floodplain development permit in order to begin construction of a new home on a R-1 single-family residential zoned lot located at 11321 Baxtershire, Helotes, Texas 78023, more particularly described as BCAD Property ID No. 236865, and specifically identifying the variances as follows:                                                                       a. Variance No. 1 to Chapter 42 Floods, Section 42-31 subparagraph (e) (25) (e) – Unflooded vehicular access must be available to the development from a public street; and                                                  b. Variances No. 2 to Chapter 42 Floods, Section 42-32, subparagraph (2) – Habitable structures are prohibited within the regulatory floodplain. (Applicant) Motion was made by Council Member Buys, second by Council Member Massey, to discuss and act on this item as written. Aye