July 10 2014 Item 8 Villanueva Aye

July 10th, 20148Discussion of and action on debt instruments available to the City of Helotes and the City of Helotes Economic Development Corporation (EDC), the issuance thereof, an interlocal cooperative agreement between the City and EDC regarding the reimbursement of certain costs related to debt issuance, and requisite monies required to fund the following capital improvement projects:
• S.H. 16 (Bandera Rd.) Water/ Sewer Project;
• F.M. 1560 / Circle A Trail Realignment Project;
• Helotes Creek Linear Park Transportation Enhancement Project;
• F.M. 1560 – Helotes Creek Tributary A Bridge Crossing Project;
• S.H. 16 (Bandera Rd.)/ Cedar Trail Culvert Enlargement Project; and
• Other capital improvement projects and equipment deemed necessary by the City Council and / or EDC Board of Directors.
Motion to enter into an agreement with the City to accept responsibility to fund approximately $477,243 for water/sewer project engineering overruns and for the Helotes Creek Linear Park project administration fees, engineering, and cost overruns as presented. Motion was made to approve funding for all of the projects as presented, accept EDC funding responsibility as noted, and direct Staff and First Southwest to begin the process to issue tax exempt, callable, certificates of obligation in the amount of $5.5 million. Aye

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