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The Helotes News Email Newsletter is a convenient way of keeping up-to-date with local news and events. Here are some reasons to sign-up:

  • Over 90% of our news coverage is from within the Helotes City Limits
  • The remaining 10% is a mix of Bexar County government agencies, area press releases, nonprofits near Helotes, consumer product recalls, and other news
  • We limit how many advertisers are placed in a single newsletter
  • We use a reputable and secure email newsletter delivery service
  • We do not sell your email or personal information
  • You’re supporting a veteran owned small business operated in Helotes

At this time we offer two e-newsletter options. You may select one or both.

  1. Article Post-Publishing. You will receive an email shortly after we publish the article(s) to and our social media platforms. The email will contain the main image, headline, website link and the first paragraph of the respective article(s).
  2. Monthly Round-Up. You will receive an email on the last business day of the month. It will include the article(s) in the same format as #1. Additionally, we will publish local government information and any community events for the following month that make our submission deadline and guidelines.
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