Dec 11 2014 Item 15 Friedrichs Aye

December 11th, 201415Discussion of and direction on an Ordinance of the City Council of the City of Helotes, Texas amending Chapter 94 Vegetation, Article I Commercial and Residential Tree Preservation, Section 94-2 Definitions of the Municipal Code of Ordinances by providing for protections for Ashe Juniper and Hackberry trees; authorizing the City Administrator to take all necessary steps to implement the provisions of this Ordinance; incorporating recitals; providing a penalty; providing for severability; repealing any other Code provisions, ordinances, or parts of ordinances, and other provisions in conflict herewith; and setting an effective date. (Staff)Council consensus was to bring this item to Council early next year for possible action.Aye

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Helotes News Editor
Helotes News Editor
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