Aug 14 2014 Item 23 Friedrichs Aye

August 14th, 201423Discussion of and action on Ordinance No. 532 of the City Council of the City of Helotes, Texas providing for the extension of the Helotes City Limits by the annexation of an approximate 14½ acre tract of land being that 1 (one) mile (more or less) portion of Shaenfield Road from the east right-of-way line of the intersection of Farm to Market 1560, easterly to the centerline of a transmission line easement as it crosses said Shaenfield Road, out of the Candelorio Villanoeva Survey No. 80, Abstract 774, and the Manuel Martinez y Musquiz Survey No. 87, Abstract 467, Bexar County, Texas; incorporating recitals; authorizing the City Administrator to take all necessary steps to implement the provisions of this Ordinance; providing for severability; repealing all ordinances in conflict herewith; setting an effective date; and approving a Municipal Service Plan for such area. (Staff)Motion was made to approve the item as writtenAye

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Helotes News Editor
Helotes News Editor
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